How to Design Intuitive Mobile Apps using Machine Input

Key takeaways
  • What is machine input types of machine input and key principles that govern it
  • How to get practical knowledge and experience of machine input
  • Which key techniques transform users’ needs to great user experiences.

In the olden days, computing devices used machine input to guide users. These devices took machine input over user input to open doors, auto-forward calls, control switches, and also learn users behaviours automatically, over a period of time. Today, if we as users, feel out of control while using mobile apps, products slap a new screen on us. Many organisations think that this “screen-slapping” phenomenon makes users happy. We are enslaved by the current generation of mobile apps that are neither intelligent, nor intuitive, and rather painful to use.

Machine input is any information that digital devices can find on their own, whenever and wherever possible. In this talk, Parimala Hariprasad introduces you to machine input, and how it can be put to smart use. Using vivid examples, she takes the audience through an exciting journey where apps learn about users’ needs “automagically” without seeking tedious user input. The talk centers on applying self-learning, self-healing and self-awareness to give users what they need, exactly when they need it.

Let us allow mobile apps serve users and not the other way around!


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