How we solved climate change: A retrospective from 2050

Key takeaways
  • People alive in 2017 will determine whether it’s possible to live a good life on Planet Earth now and for centuries to come.
  • Here we envision a future where humanity has succeeded in tackling climate change and providing a good living standard for everyone on Earth.
  • You will learn what is already underway what more needs to be done and what you can do to meaningfully contribute to solving climate change in your lifetime.

Looking back from our current position in 2050, where we have managed to transition to a zero-emission society and therefore avoid dangerous climate change, it’s hard to imagine the climate anxiety that previous generations experienced in the face of dire predictions of the impacts from continued fossil fuel burning and overconsumption. We will revisit the unlikely alliances and the technical, economic, and political innovations that made this transformation feasible, as well as the cultural shifts that made it possible. In particular, we will focus on the key roles played by creative citizens in highly industrialized countries that catalyzed this success.


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