Implementing Concurrency in an Advanced Architecture

Key takeaways
  • Provide background on how to implement an advanced architecture in an iOS app written in Swift
  • Understand the two typical scenarios: backend (frameworks) and interactors.
  • Understand the alternatives to implement it: protocols
  • See some implementations using the different alternatives and learn advantages and disadvantages of them.

Implementing a good architecture in our mobile apps is really useful because the code is more robust and testable, easier to extend, and to reuse.

I have shared my own interpretation of the clean architecture with many teams around the world, both as an instructor and as a consultant, and one of the questions that I get more often when the people gets familiar with the basic piece of the architecture is "what is the best way implement concurrency in this architecture?"

Even if you haven't implemented a Clean Architecture variant in your app yet, you can enjoy the session, because I will provide some context on how I propose to do the basics.

In this session I will share with you my views on the constrains for that implementation, the different "tools" that we can use (protocols, closures, Rx...), where to use those tools, and show real code that implements them.

This is a must go if you are into advanced architectures for mobile apps. Join me for this one!

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