It's Time for Web Components

Key takeaways
  • Web development is equal parts HTML
  • Semantics over Syntax is the new challenge. If your webpage is littered with DIVs and SPANs it is full of semantically empty calories.
  • There are standards-based solutions as well as non-standard (but still innovative) solutions. One of these will still be viable in a decade...
  • Modern web development in the 21st century is no longer

If you use Angular, you annotate your classes with @Component. If you use React, you extend React.Component. If you use Polymer, it's because you want "to make the most of Web Components, a powerful new platform feature for extending HTML and componentizing your apps."

If you ask me, it sounds like Web Components are kind of a big deal when it comes to modern web development.

In this talk, Scott Davis (Principal Engineer with ThoughtWorks) discusses the shift from page-centric architecture (think jQuery) to component-centric architecture (think encapsulated, reusable, domain-specific custom HTML elements). You'll learn about the four core W3C APIs baked into (nearly) every modern browser -- Custom Elements, HTML Imports, Templates, and Shadow DOM. You'll also see how several modern web frameworks apply their syntactic sugar atop these core platform technologies.

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