Lucasfilm Games and the rise of LucasArts

Key takeaways
  • What it was like to work at Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in the early days of video games on Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles
  • Inside stories of early days of game development and coding in the era of 1 Mhz processors and 300 baud modems
  • Background on groundbreaking interactive storytelling

Noah was the 7th employee at Lucasfilm Games, and came on before their first titles were published. He will relate stories of what it was like to work on early titles like Rescue on Fractalus, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Secret of Monkey Island, and more. He'll discuss details of what it was like to code for 1 mhz processors and fit a game into 48K (or even 2K!) of total storage, and relate anecdotes of early LucasArts experiences.

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