Migrating to Microservice Databases: From Relational Monolith to Distributed Data

Key takeaways
  • I'll try to answer the number 1 question about Microservices: what about my relational database?
  • Zero downtime migrations for relational databases
  • CRUD
  • 9+ different strategies for data integration on distributed systems using relational databases.

In a Microservices architecture with multiple moving parts we can’t allow that a single complement downtime breaks down the entire system. In this scenario, zero downtime migrations are paramount to guarantee integrity and consistency.

In legacy systems you traditionally have a model that adopts transactions and CRUD. Now we must reassess some of these concepts. In this talk we’ll discuss consistency, CRUD and CQRS, Event Sourcing, and how these techniques relate to each other in many different integration strategies for databases. We’ll explore Views, Materialized Views, Mirror Tables, Event Sourcing, Data Virtualization, Change Data Capture, and how these strategies enable you to build up a Microservices architecture from a legacy monolithic relational database."

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