Product Thinking For Internal Teams

Key takeaways
  • How to treat your internal shared service as a product
  • What pitfalls to avoid when evolving an internal shared service
  • Why the "take a ticket" project mindset fails us
  • When to pivot

Many internal teams (shared services, tooling, DevOps) exist without a "product owner". Or ... the product owner is more of a project manager meant to "keep tabs" on the team. The problem here is that like any product, the service must be viable and have product/market fit (even if customers are internal).

In this talk we will explore what it means to have a viable internal product. How can a team of developers put on the "product hat" to assure the long term success of their work? How do we avoid common pitfalls? What is different about "internal", and how to we make the dynamic work for us? With a mix of theory and war stories from the front-lines, I hope to inspire devs to take charge of their products before the business beats them to the punch.

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