PureScript: Tomorrow's JavaScript Today

Key takeaways
  • What PureScript is
  • Why
  • How to dive in to modern

It's almost impossible to imagine the web without JavaScript. And as professional web developers, it's almost heresy to do so. But despite 20 years of maturity and a truly frantic pace of innovation, JavaScript isn't just the sea we swim in, it's also the shark trying to bite us. JavaScript is fragile, complex, and just plain hard to get right.

So if we imagined a modern JavaScript, one totally free from baggage, what would we have? Which of JavaScript's mistakes would it correct? What features would it ship with?

And what, if anything could it learn from the past 30 years of computer science research?

Simply put, it would look a lot like PureScript. PureScript is most of what we've learnt about programming language design in the place where we need the most help.

In this talk you'll learn what PureScript is, what strengths it offers you and what weaknesses it avoids. You'll learn what it can do and how you can do it, so you can get started with tomorrow's JavaScript today...


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