Reducing the fear of go-live

Key takeaways
  • Why and how building trust in your team helps make the release process easier
  • Tips on how to recognise that your product is ready to go live
  • Benefits of small releases

At the end of the day, after you have written your unit tests, had your code reviews and run all your tests - you need to deploy. This can be a scary thing - especially depending on how things went earlier on in your project.

In my session, I’d like to talk about how you can reduce the fear of going live by increasing trust in the team (so you trust them to do their job properly and don’t feel like you need to “overdo” testing), the benefits of small releases and some tips on how to decide whether or not your product is ready for the big bad world.

I’ll talk about my personal experiences in being involved in projects both where we were pushed for time and had to deploy regardless of how we felt about the product and also projects where we felt confident in the product that we were releasing.


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