Telling Stories with Data Visualization

Key takeaways
  • Data visualizations always tell a story
  • Which means we have to be careful to not deceive others
  • You'll learn some fundamental guidelines for showing data without bias.
  • You will see how we can layer these concepts to tell compelling stories by showcasing the truth behind the data.

Data visualization lives in the intersection of art and science. Designing compelling visuals reveals information about our systems, and in turn allows us to ask new and more interesting questions. However knowing how to find the stories in our data is hard and knowing how to tell those story visually is even harder.

In this talk we'll look at historical data visualization techniques and discuss how we can apply them with modern tools. We'll also examine several case studies in order to understand the stories that they tell and the tools their creators used to tell those stories. Finally we'll discuss the role of bias in data visualization and look at techniques for creating compelling visualizations without deceiving our audience.


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