Test your java applications with Spock

Key takeaways
  • Write better and more expressive tests
  • Improve your knowledge about how to test Java code
  • Learn a little bit of Groovy

Remember the old days when you tested using JUnit? How boring it was? You made a lot of excuses to avoid testing your code. Luckily those dark days now belong to the past because Spock is with us.

Spock is a Groovy-based testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications that makes writing tests fun again. We can write beautiful and highly expressive tests because of its DSL and all the power that Groovy provides us.

In this talk you'll learn the basics of Spock and you'll see how easily you can test a Java application. After the talk you won't have any excuse to don't test your applications, so you have been warned before coming to the talk!

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