The future belongs to you (and your JavaScript)

Key takeaways
  • Which latest web application frameworks are hot now and which ones are going to be HOT tomorrow
  • How do you code an offline app
  • How you test without testing
  • What do you need to know about immutable deploys

There are a few web frameworks that are all the rage right now: React, VueJs, but which frameworks are going to be HOT tomorrow and why? I will talk about functional reactive web applications you can write today, and why they are going to rock tomorrow. We are going to touch upon offline applications (using ServiceWorkers) and why some databases are better than others. Plus I will show how a testing trapezoid is going to save your career. Finally, we need to sit down to have a real talk about Dev Ops; if immutable data structures help you code better apps, then immutable artifacts and deploys are going to change your entire pipeline.

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