The Mobile Web Second Edition: First-Class Citizen on Your Device Now

Key takeaways
  • You will get an overview of the webtech-driven ways to create the apps for mobile
  • You will learn pros and cons of each approach
  • You will understand: using web tech to create mobile apps is a very bad idea. Right after you will understand - this is a cool idea if use the proper tools!
  • You will know which technology to use each time you have "create an app" task

They are so similar: Web and Mobile apps. What a nice option to use our web development experience to create cross-platform native-like applications. Is it that simple? What are the pros and cons of mobile web VS native? What is the difference between hybrid mobile apps, progressive web apps and JavaScript-compiled-to-native ones? Let's find the answers together!

Attendees will get an overview of modern concepts for building web-based mobile applications, pros and cons from tech and business sides. Bonus: some practical advices on when to go for this option.

First I'll give an idea: to use our JavaScript code for creating mobile applications. I'll mention and demonstrate some frameworks from those days. Right after I'll "destroy" this idea with some serious counter-arguments. Then I'll explain what could the renaissance of mobile web idea look like: using web workers, creating progressive web applications and compiling to real native code using some next generation frameworks.


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