The Real, the Virtual, and the Cortex

Key takeaways
  • Learn about the future of AR and VR
  • Learn about Mixed reality

We are seeing the first fruits of Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the promise of Mixed Reality where virtual and real coexist smoothly isn’t far behind. Neuroscience is opening up new interfaces that may eventually result in plug-in “drouds” ala Neuromancer or The Matrix, but before we reach that point, neurogaming is letting us tap into the human sensorium in less invasive but equally dramatic ways, creating better games, allowing more empathic communications, and helping treat the ills of the world at the same time. The next 5 years are going to see the launch of technologies that may well prove to be as influential as the Smartphone or the Internet. Come with an open mind, and we’ll fill it!

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