Writing Apps For Mars!

Key takeaways
  • The audience will learn some of the surprising similarities between the mobile app or business software that they write day to day and mission critical software onboard Mars rovers.
  • The audience will also learn about the major differences between their typical software apps and software destined for Mars.

Mobile app developers and other software developers typically take great pride in their final products. But how does the onboard software for a Mars rover, for example, compare to a good mobile app or business app?

Is it simple and easy to use? Is it efficient? What platform does it run on? How does it typically perform? Does it work seamlessly offline? What language is it written in? Is it supportable and upgradable? Is it designed with the user in mind? How is it developed and tested?

This presentation will explore all these questions and more in an effort to understand the similarities and the major differences between typical business software and software that is designed for the NASA Mars rovers.

Buckle up! Because this talk begins in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

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