Øredev Developer conference19-22 Nov 2018Sweden

Come to Øredev and rejuvenate your work, your process, and your personal journey.

Øredev is the perfect blend, with one day of in-depth pre-conference workshops and three days of sessions, you will get tons of inspiration and learning to keep you creating your best work all year long.

A mashup of practical knowledge and wild inspiration


Challenge yourself, learn new technical know-hows and explore areas you're not familiar with!

With 150 sessions, the other challenge will be to choose.


Social media keeps you connected to your peers. However, there’s no substitution for meeting IRL.

With 1200 participants, which conversation will you jump in?


New spaces spark us to new approaches.

Break out of your office, open your mind and enjoy good discussions, good food and good coffee!

Today, digital products and companies are not just changing the way we live our lives, but also playing an increasingly influential role in public policy and governance. We have reached a point where consumer goods produced by technology industries are beginning to reshape what it means to be Human.

This year, we are going to explore advances in biohacking and transhumanism and their implications for humankind. Will they be to our benefit, further enhancing quality of life? How mindful should we be of the potential social and ethical pitfalls whilst we transform?

We hope this theme will inspire you and our speakers!


Best companies

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