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The Partnership guidelines prospectus is available here. Please, reach out so we can discuss about all the opportunities.

emily.holweck@oredev.org, Creative Conference Manager, +46 (0)70 245 62 94.

amelia@oredev.org, Conference Coordinator, +46 (0)70 977 40 80

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Grafana, Riad, Atlassian,Oracle, Microsoft, Jayway, Sony Ericsson, Enea, SyBase, JavaBLACKbelt, Epsilon, Sigma, Alladin, Qi4j, Omicron, Test Automation FX, Prevas, Azul Systems, Det Norske Veritas, DevelopMentor, Informator, Endevo, Intel, SAS, Spring Source, Kaazing, Øresund IT, ÅF Engineering, IT Mill, Hewlet Packard, SUN Microsystems, Beijer Electronics, Aepona, Escenic, Infragistics, EDP Consult, Netviewer, Cornerstone, Projektplatsen, PMI, Gigaspaces, Quest Software, PC-Ware, Nohau, Ilog, BlackBerry, QlikView, Spree, JetBRAINS, AccuRev, Mobile Heights, K3, Nokia, Accenture, Tretton37, Avega Group, DevExpress, ContinuousTests, DatorMagazin, SwCG, InterSystems, Embarcadero, Telerik, Informator, Alfasoft, Aptitude, Symbio, Pluralsight, Tobii, XDIN, Hansoft, dexplora, InterSystems, ATIVE, King, Betsson, Neo4j, splunk, SafeNet, RavenDB, IBM, Webstep, TrueSec, Amazon Web Services, ipeer, Red Hat, Mozilla, Capgemini, FalconSocial, Mobenga, Avensia, ECRU Consulting, Data Ductus, Apptus, Lundalogik, Telavox, infomaker, SONY, Apptimate, presis, O'Reilly, 46 Elks, Softhouse, Bouvet, JustType, 4C Strategies, Signicat, Infomaker, Tactel, GitHub, StackOverflow, Edument, LivingIT.