Beat the Feature Factory

Key takeaways
  • 12 signs you are working in a feature factory
  • The roots of the feature factory mindset
  • What is "done"? Redefining done in your organization
  • Key actionable steps to advocate for a more outcome-oriented mindset

Do you work in a feature factory? How would you know? Why do we work this way? What can you do about it?

In 2016, I published a brief Medium post titled 12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory. The response was overwhelming. Developers from around the world reached out to discuss the challenges of working in "output focused" development environments. On a human level we crave outcomes and impact, and something about the "build more and more features" approach was leaving people frustrated and unsatisfied.

In this talk we'll cover feature factories, why they exist, how they impact your businesses, and how you can shift the focus to outcomes and impact. Churning out features is no longer a competitive advantage (and can in fact harm your business and disengage your team). This talk will try to move us beyond the feature factory...

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