How to Train Your HiPPO: (Highest Paid Person's Opinion)

Key takeaways
  • Understand why the HiPPO is so dangerous in product development
  • Learn about 5 things you can try to help manage the HiPPO in your organisation

Have you noticed the impact when someone more senior in your organisation shares their opinion? Meet the HiPPO: the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Sometimes it’s subtle and unintended. Other times it’s more direct and intentional. Either way, the HiPPO is a dangerous animal in Product Management.

When we allow the HiPPO to drive decision-making we hide critical assumptions. Value and urgency is buried. MVP scope becomes massive. Roadmap dates become commitments. Options get prematurely closed down and the chances of discovering black swans is reduced. Indeed, the HiPPO is one of the most dangerous animals to let stomp around in Product Management.

Whilst the HiPPO likes to be in charge, none of us want to be responsible for developing products that nobody wants. How can we help the HiPPO to help themselves?

This workshop is a chance to learn and practice a few simple techniques for training the HiPPOs in your organisation.

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