Kotlin: Beyond the Language

Key takeaways
  • Kotlin encourages best coding practices and surfaces code smell in the Java files it interacts with.
  • A build system made with Java in mind will hiccup when handling a mixed codebase. Build tools should be the biggest consideration when integrating Kotlin
  • There is coding danger on the boundaries where Kotlin and Java interact and developers should pay strict attention to these areas.
  • Kotlin is young enough to not have established style guides or idiomatic language guides. On-boarding becomes all the more important in such an atmosphere.

At this point in time, most Android developers have heard of Kotlin and are familiar with some of its advantages. In previous talks, I've covered why and how developers in large companies can attempt to introduce a new language, and all of it's associated paradigms, into a legacy codebase. In this talk, we'll cover some of the more advanced components of introducing a new language, including on-boarding new team members, orchestrating team wide trainings, setting code and style guidelines, and adapting existing infrastructure tools to accept hybrid codebases. This talk aims to go beyond the why's of adopting Kotlin and into the how's of actually doing it, giving the developer a framework to use when thinking about adopting (or not) Kotlin into their own codebase.

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