Program Committee

Øredev is over 120 technical sessions, ~100 top-notch speakers from all over, 6 keynotes revolving around a theme that changes every year, and some 1,300 visitors during 3 days at the beginning of November.

All this is coordinated by 3 people and the program largely composed by our committee. We are immensely thankful to them for making Øredev what it is.

Feel like shaping one of the largest conferences in The Nordics?

We are on the lookout for new committee members. Don't hesitate a second to get in touch at if you're interested.

You would be responsible for building a strong, coherent, balanced track or two, such as data, web, or people. Typically, two to three people are in charge of each track since it’s extremely important to have someone to bounce ideas off, get second opinions, and inspire one another.

Building a track comprises two major tasks:

  • Invite speakers of your choice: Get outstanding speakers you believe everyone should see live to Øredev. Sky is the limit, maybe they have developed or contributed your favourite tools, frameworks, or projects, or have done some of your favourite talks.
  • Find excellence in call for papers (CFP): We get over 300 applications through the CFP (open March 1– March 31). This task, therefore, consists in sifting through the applications pertaining to your track, looking for (mostly) emerging speakers. This way, we get fresh perspectives and support new talent.


~90% of the program needs to be finished by June 1, so the bulk of the work happens between February and May. In these months, calculate with some 12 hours a month on average to find & invite speakers and sift through CFP.

Between Feb and May, we have one physical meeting a month in Malmö. Here, most of the committee meets, we discuss the progress, priorities, and needs. Then, it's typically some track discussions and once we're done, we head out for a good dinner, drinks, and more discussions — both tech and non-tech related. In other words, it's ~4 hours starting around 5pm.

It is naturally possible to meet separately or take such discussions remotely. It’s simply that, at least sometimes, it's awesome to meet in person 😉

Perks & Fun

Inviting speakers and shaping Øredev should feel like one of the perks.

Naturally, you get a free ticket to the entire conference (including the workshops). You’re also an integral part of the extracurriculars — dip in the sea & dinner at Kallbadhuset and dinner at Malmö Rådhuset just before the conference. You are also more than welcome to tour Malmö with them.

At the end of summer, we do a funfixer together to celebrate. Last but not least, the hangouts after the committee meetings tend to be pretty sweet.

If this sounds tempting, we would love to hear from you at


These are the people that have poured days of their headspace into crafting the program for this year's Øredev. After planning the tracks, they spent hours getting the right person to take the stage and speak on the topic.

Without them, there would be no program or its quality would be vastly inferior. Without them, there would be no Øredev. Boundless thanks for being some of the most driven, competent, and fun people we know.

Amelia Barklid

Queen of dough

Andreas Back

Architecture, Cloud

Carl-Emil Kjellstrand


Einar Valgeirsson


Emily Holweck

Keynotes, theme

Jakob Wolman

People & Teams

Jannik Sundø


Johnny Dang


Louis Hansen


Marium Zulfiqar

Quality Assurance

Martin Rosén-Lidholm

People & Teams

Maryam Sarrafkia


Peter Juhl Christiansen


Sigurdur Birgisson

Quality Assurance

Stina Qvarnström

Web & Edge

Tadeáš Peták

Holisticism, web, security

Tomas Lycken



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