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Increase your exposure and brand recognition in the market place. Be where things happen and align yourself with Øredev and its distinguished speakers and industry leaders.

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Øredev provides you and your staff with the tools, inspiration and education you need to succeed. Stay current and get ahead of the business.

Get maximum benefits with minimum downtime.

Your employees will bring back new ideas to use in your company. Be the Best place to work at. With Øredev, take care of your employees need for personal development and recognition.

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Grafana, Riad, Atlassian,Oracle, Microsoft, Jayway, Sony Ericsson, Enea, SyBase, JavaBLACKbelt, Epsilon, Sigma, Alladin, Qi4j, Omicron, Test Automation FX, Prevas, Azul Systems, Det Norske Veritas, DevelopMentor, Informator, Endevo, Intel, SAS, Spring Source, Kaazing, Øresund IT, ÅF Engineering, IT Mill, Hewlet Packard, SUN Microsystems, Beijer Electronics, Aepona, Escenic, Infragistics, EDP Consult, Netviewer, Cornerstone, Projektplatsen, PMI, Gigaspaces, Quest Software, PC-Ware, Nohau, Ilog, BlackBerry, QlikView, Spree, JetBRAINS, AccuRev, Mobile Heights, K3, Nokia, Accenture, Tretton37, Avega Group, DevExpress, ContinuousTests, DatorMagazin, SwCG, InterSystems, Embarcadero, Telerik, Informator, Alfasoft, Aptitude, Symbio, Pluralsight, Tobii, XDIN, Hansoft, dexplora, InterSystems, ATIVE, King, Betsson, Neo4j, splunk, SafeNet, RavenDB, IBM, Webstep, TrueSec, Amazon Web Services, ipeer, Red Hat, Mozilla, Capgemini, FalconSocial, Mobenga, Avensia, ECRU Consulting, Data Ductus, Apptus, Lundalogik, Telavox, infomaker, SONY, Apptimate, presis, O'Reilly, 46 Elks, Softhouse, Bouvet, JustType, 4C Strategies, Signicat, Infomaker, Tactel, GitHub, StackOverflow, Edument, LivingIT.


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