Agile Leadership and HR in a Nutshell

Key takeaways
  • You will understand how Agile looks when implemented in the business
  • You will learn how to talk to managers and HR about organizational change
  • You will understand why the business seem to be so ignorant about agile
  • You will learn some strategies to be the change you want to see

The presentation will cover what Leaders and HR managers need to be aware of when adjusting Ways of Working to the new paradigm of employee driven organizations (self-management) and how to make people go in a certain direction without using formal power. In an agile organization it is more about making it possible for teams to self organize in an agile reality, unleashing human potential and optimizing for performance in a complex and agile world. You unleash human potential by knowing your employees deeply and taking time to understand what would make them go in the direction that you want them to go in, because THEY want to go in that direction. Leadership practices needs to be adjusted to the new paradigm of employee-driven organisations and it will be more about creating prerequisites for innovation in infrastructure, culture, processes and systems, than providing strict rules & policies and ticking off compliance with the same. Motivating employees becomes possible with less control, transparent visualization, trust and continuous improvement, together with a deep knowledge of what makes each and every employee tick. Items from the presentation: • Agile Leadership & HR – what is it? • Human theory X and Y • Self organizing teams for optimal performance and engagement • Motivation – how discovering inner motives can help you drive performance and create Psychological Safety • Agile performance, learning, recruitment and compensation – what is the difference from traditional HR processes? • Agile, learning and Psychological Safety – what do they have in common?

Pia-Maria Thoren

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