Being the best or being good: Can we still build technology for the right reasons?

Key takeaways
  • Understand various perspectives on IoT, such as safety, security, or consumer rights
  • Investigate consumer studies of IoT
  • Explore our duties as technologists to do better

Sometimes we put the internet where it doesn't belong—refrigerators, lightbulbs, cars, etc.—or does it? When the consumer-grade IoT started to become commonplace, we innovated rapidly, perhaps without asking what could go wrong. This talk will explore IoT from a variety of perspectives, including safety, security, consumer rights, digital and physical freedom, and moral standards, often with a radical and boundary-pushing lens. Revisiting her previous work on the IoT ethics regarding the incredible potential benefits and harms of IoT technology, Emily will take you through an emotional rollercoaster case studies of IoT technology, and explore our duties as technologists to do better.

Emily Gorcenski

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