Defining Operational Excellence

Key takeaways
  • Instead of over-focusing on different concepts, methods and tools, you will understand the founding principles of operational excellence. This will help you to develop a long-term operations strategy.
  • You will understand a concept called "the efficiency paradox", which will in turn help you to understand what true efficiency is.

Management concepts like lean, agile, lean start-up, design thinking, etc. are currently being spread all over the world. Every year a new concept is being launched, with a new trendy name, in a new attractive and promising packaging. As a result, there are today a variety of concepts, with different origin and purpose, competing for attention. The confusion is enormous. Companies ask themselves what concept to rely on? What is best for us? How shall we achieve strategic consistency and congruence in this mess? In this lecture, Niklas Modig will share his latest insights regarding how to clean up the “management concepts closet”. Niklas has during 20 years been studying a variety of concepts and been able to identify a few principles that all concepts have in common. He argues that it is much more probable to deliver sustainable extraordinary performance if a company long-term follows a few principles of operational excellence than short-term relying on one particular concept.

Niklas Modig

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