Microservices: A retrospective

Key takeaways
  • What are some of the less-than-obvious challenges in adopting microservices?
  • What skills and knowledge are necessary to really get your money's worth out of a microservice-based architecture?
  • Which distributed system rabbit holes are useful to go down, and how deep should you go?

SOA has been around for decades, and its latest iteration - microservices - for a while now. Just five years ago microservices were hip, dominating the agenda at conferences; now we almost take them for granted. With microservice-focused conference talks losing steam, the time is ripe to consider what we, as an industry, can learn from the microservice disruption; more importantly, we have a golden opportunity to consider what we have yet to learn! In this talk I'll analyse the lessons hammered into us as we've adopted microservices, and take a hard look at the challenges I believe we still struggle with as an industry. If you're not doing microservices you'll leave the room knowing where the pains will come from; if you are, you will leave with ideas and leads on mitigating these pains.

Tomer Gabel

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