Psyched about Outcomes

Key takeaways
  • • Focusing on Measurable Business Outcomes allows us to consider what we do as well as how we do it
  • • Use Outcomes over Outputs to drive the quality pathway - make yourself VISIBLE
  • • There’s always more than one solution to a problem

A while ago I asked a question on Twitter “If you have a well thought out design, clean code, wonderful testing and painless deployment but the feature ends up never being used because the user didn’t want or need it in the first place, is that a quality feature?” I got interesting responses. We are very focused on how we deliver quality but maybe we need to spend more time looking at what we deliver. I have changed how I deliver quality; I now look at measurable business outcomes and OKRs and this is helping me to align my efforts with strategic business initiatives. It’s helping me to select what to do next, to make quality engineering improvements visible and tangible; to reduce waste and to understand how my team is helping my organisation to meet its objectives. Discovering the power of outcomes over outputs has provided me with a missing piece of the puzzle for me on my journey – figuring out how to align what I do with business drivers and what to do next! I’m psyched !! I would love to share some of these techniques through an interactive and colourful talk including a case study on how we’re using Mobius to deliver outcomes. It’s FUN!

Margaret Dineen

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