The Gordian Knot

Key takeaways
  • Can't really separate architecture from culture, and organisation.
  • An actionable definition of culture that leaves no alibis to keep the status quo.
  • Ouch! One more responsibility for software people, well... no one was doin' it anyway.
  • It's not you, it's not your team, it's not your company. It's repeatable patterns all over the place: some technological choices will inevitably lead to some human behaviour.

Some companies are going “full DevOps” and apparently releasing at the speed of light. Other companies are still struggling with estimations and slowly thinking about going microservices. Other are happy with their monolith, but struggling with recruiting. We’re all developers, but we’re not doing the same job. The line connecting a problem to its solution is relatively straight in some organizations and incredibly convoluted in some hours. Processes, Software architectures, and Organization are not separate concerns, neither are orthogonal. Pretending to fix one thing without touching others is a losing battle. We’re part of the problem. Our software is part of the problem. We can be part of the solution too.

Alberto Brandolini

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