The Pipeline Driven Organization — Enabling True Continuous Delivery at Scale

Key takeaways
  • Why DevOps Adoptions fail at large enterprises
  • What does "pipeline driven" mean and how it enables continuous delivery
  • Getting Dev, Test, Security Ops and Compliance on board
  • Skills needed in continuous delivery based organization

A Pipeline Driven Organization is operating around the idea that automated pipelines make the important IT decisions such as: - When is it OK to deploy a new version? - Is a feature working? - When and how to deploy a new environment - When to rollback (or forward) a new version - Are we compliant and secure? - Is the code releasable? - Are the infrastructure changes OK? In traditional organizations, even though automated pipelines may exist, they do not make the important & continuous IT decisions. Humans do. In a pipeline driven organization, experts from various categories of work spend much of their time teaching and learning from other people, and teaching the pipelines how to make proper decisions (using automated specialized tests). In this way they can trust the pipeline enough to let it make the decisions instead

Roy Osherove

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