Web Components are your Framework's Best Friend

Key takeaways
  • Why & how of web components
  • Portability — using web components in frameworks and vice-versa
  • Pure players, and do we need frameworks at all?

Write your datepicker in React, use it in VueJS or even Angular. Let us take a look at how close we are to achieving this dream! And does that mean you don’t really need a framework? In this session, we'll swiftly walk through the what, why & how of web components. After that, we'll explore portability, i.e. how easy it is to use web components in your favourite frameworks, and how simple each framework makes it to convert its own proprietary components into univeral web components. We'll conclude by looking at the biggest pure players in the field and a discussion whether frameworks are needed at all.

Filip Bech-Larsen

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