3-7 November - Malmö Sweden

4-7 November 2014 Malmö Sweden

Web Components: Drunk on the Panacea - a session at Øredev 2014


10.20 - 11.00

Web Components: Drunk on the Panacea

Level: Intermediate

Web components are lauded as the 'Next Big Thing' in front-end web development, but as with most changes in life there are wonderful parts and... less than wonderful parts. Let's take a look at what it means to write a maintainable web application using only Javascript, these new browser APIs (Shadow DOM, HTML templates, HTML imports, and custom elements), and a polyfill for browsers that can't handle the awesome force of the future. How far can we get before we're writing our own framework with web components? What code are we writing over and over again that we can DRY up? We will examine this topic with some stories from web components experiments at Mozilla.


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