ØREDEV was founded in 2005 by Jayway, a company comprised of and focused on specialists within IT. Øredev inherited this company's vision and philosophy.

Our Vision

Øredev has its origins and focus on the software development process, from programming to project management. We work to organize an event based on the concept of quality - for learning and networking - Sharing Knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Having fun!
Each year is unique, with new topics, new speakers, and new challenges. As such we have to constantly evolve and reinvent ourselves. This is both what makes our work fun for us and why we believe others having fun as a result of work is so important.

Code of conduct

Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Conference participants/speakers violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organisers.

Øredev Program committee

The program committee has the very hard task, first defining the content of the program, the theme of the year and the keynotes.

It is important for us to find very motivated members who are driven in their job and strive to learn, just like you. It's the way we get a balanced program with subjects you are working with today, as well as the ones you will be using tomorrow.

Ok! Let's meet the program committee members!


EinarEinar Valgeirsson

I was born in Iceland and I was the chief tester for Icelands Volcanic Eruption Detection System until 2010…

No, No I wasn’t really.

Anyway, I like.. (in no particular order):
..neat solutions to big problems. There are plenty of both to be found in testing!
..finding the bug before you do!
..when the team finds so many issues during an exploratory session that they can barely keep track of them.
..automated test cases, big or small, unit or integration.
..really smart people changing the way I see things.

And I also like:
..playing (drums & guitar) and listening to music constantly (keep coming back to The Roots, Radiohead and Emmylou Harris)
..reading biographies and books on history
..The West Wing

And I REALLY like:
..looong weekend breakfasts with my wife and daughter.

MartinMartin Rosén-Lidholm

Graduated master of science at the LTH nearby, and pursued mastery within software development with great passion at work, spare time, conferences, and various communities in the Öresund region for more than fifteen years. I promised myself to never give up something so fun and rewarding for a carrier as a manager, but here I am... I simply couldn't turn down the opportunity to lead the finest crew of developers and testers I've had the pleasure to work with. Since two years, I'm the head of development of MVNO at Telenor A/S.

My passion hasn't faded away, and I'm able to host community events at our location, so please come and visit! I still code some and participate in code reviews on a weekly basis, but my greatest efforts nowadays are within optimizing for customer and employer happiness with a toolbox filled with good stuff such as systems thinking, lean, lean startup, agile, kanban, continous delivery, and radical management.

I found the love of my life in class as a teenager, and now we're raising three boys together. I do my best to lure them into programming, math, and science and so far, so good :-)

The third pillar of my life is bicycles. I used to ride motorbikes, but these days my motto is - be the engine! I've got eight bikes, each with their specic purpose. The road bike is my main weapon of choice when it comes to racing, and 8:15 at Vätternrundan shall be shaved by 30 minutes this year!

These days, I hardly ever find the time to blog, but I tweet regularly @rosenlidholm.


Joacim Löwgren

Joacim is a programmer since childhoood. Through an artistic bloodline he developed interest for various design principles and eventually ended up studying Interaction Design. Nowadays he spends most of his days developing things on the front-end, and enjoying every bit of it.



Pär Sikö

I was born in Kiruna in the middle of the freezing winter, luckily my parents regained their common sense shortly after and moved back to the safe havens of Skåne, where I’ve stayed ever since.
I’ve been presenting at conferences for many years, and I’ve spend many hours listening to others presenting. As a result, I’m allergic to boring presentations, bullet points, and unenthusiastic presenters; just a hint for those of you who submit session proposals.
One thing, that not many know about me, is that I’ve been bicycling 5 kilometer on a busy German autobahn (freeway). Why? Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you the story.
Contact me at per@oredev.org

EmyEmily Holweck

I am of mixed upbringing. My father was a sidetracker and my mother was a shape shifter. So, I am not of the kind of person who reads the instruction manual before. Easily bored, I am always in movement or trying to make things happen...perhaps that's why Øredev is so different and continues to evolve. My job consists of translating developers' needs and culture into an awesome event. For that reason I shamelessly tap into the brain of every developer I meet... and everyone else! I collect the good bits, add some leadership and organizational skills, sprinkle some cat power and glitter et voilà!
About my free time, I can't decide if I prefer the deepness of the big blue to the highness of the  mountains. I am quite often in-between destinations, far from the ground, below the sky but always reachable at emily.holweck@oredev.org
I hope you are ready for boarding on Øredev 2016!


ANders rabbitAnders Janmyr

Anders Janmyr is a developer since about twenty years. He loves writing code but, also talking and writing about it.

He has worked in many different domains, from databases and servers to mobile phones and robots, and has experience with small and large scale architectures. He has a wide experience of programming languages C, Smalltalk, Java, C#, Haskell, Lisp, Ruby and Javascript among others. The last years he has spent mainly with Ruby and Javascript.

He loves the combination of dynamic languages and test-driven development since it gives him a short feedback loop and peace of mind.

He blogs at http://anders.janmyr.com.
Twitter: @andersjanmyr

oskarOskar Wickström

After some years of musical education Oskar started his journey into the world of software development. In a "head first" fashion he started a company practicing web design and development for small businesses which in turn led him to more advanced programming. Eventually Oskar got a job at Jayway which introduced him to Øredev.

Among the technical topics that interest Oskar are functional programming, systems design and programming languages. His more aestetic side, which mostly involves making music, draws him towards graphics and UI design every now and then. He's a bit of a restless soul, but it also means he gets a lot done.


IvarIvar Grimstad

IvarI participate actively in the Java Community Process as a member of the Expert Groups for JSR 368 (JMS 2.1), JSR 371 (MVC 1.0), JSR 375 (Java EE Security API) and is also a member of the NetBeans Dream Team.

I have been working with Java since the beginning and has over the years tried out everything from lightweight mobile applications to large scale enterprise applications. My experience covers all aspects of designing architectures based on a variety of technologies including standard Java EE as well as other frameworks such as Spring and a variety of open source products.

In my day job, as a Principal Consultant for Cybercom, I always focusing on quality and on using the right tools and technologies for the right task to optimize the software development process.

I am also frequently speaking at international developer conferences

Twitter: @ivar_grimstad
Blog: http://www.agilejava.eu/

Last spring I built a Bumblebee hotel in my garden: https://www.instagram.com/p/18SRRXPxeM/

JannikJannik Sundø

I entered the field of working with machines early on, repeatedly turning the volume knob of my parent’s stereo to max at the age of three. Later I was reading manuals, configuring the VCR, and fiddling with my Commodore 64. As a teenager I learned Pascal in school, built an overclocked computer, and gave Linux a go.

I work at Jayway as a Java web and Android developer. I have worked within several fields, such as web and mobile development, network engineering, system administration, and mainframe in the financial sector. I also take interest in devops, cloud configuration, and development tools.

Besides Denmark, I’ve lived in Japan, Austria, and England. I have several hobbies, such as backpacking, photography, making electronic music, and sports. My next plan is to build a touring bicycle and try it out this summer.

rezaReza Rahman

I am a long time consultant now working at CapTech Consulting. I have been an official Java technologist at Oracle. I am the author of the popular title EJB 3 in Action. I have long been a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne and Devoxx. I am the lead for the Java EE track at JavaOne as well as a JavaOne Rock Star Speaker award recipient. I am an avid contributor to industry journals like JavaLobby/DZone and TheServerSide. I have been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups over the years. I implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server. I am a long time resident of Philadelphia, USA.

An unusual fact about me is that  am firmly a secular humanist from a long line of deeply religious Muslim leaders. In my cultural context openly stating one's religious philosophy as an unbeliever often risks social ostracization and physical harm as has been the case for me. To make matters "worse" I have long been happily married to a secular humanist American woman of European ancestry - with whom I have two beautiful mixed heritage girls. Nonetheless I am proud of my heritage and the well being of Muslims around the world in their time of continued need matters a great deal to me. Indeed at times of quiet reflection I feel guilty for choosing to emigrate instead of staying behind to try to contribute to social and economic progress in my country of origin.

NialNial Merrigan

My name is Niall Merrigan and I am an Irish man happily living in Norway. I work for Capgemini in Stavanger as a Solutions Architect and Security Professional. My main focus areas in the architecture world are Web and Cloud based applications while in the Security areas I work with Social Engineering, WiFi and Web based attack vectors. I also do a look of speaking at conferences and help out getting speakers ready and reviewing abstracts. I am a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. ASPInisder and Azure Insider so I have a very strong Microsoft focus but I love working with other techs too. I strongly believe in building in security testing into your software methodology whatever you use because if you don’t, it will probably end up in one of my talks J
Funny thing. I hacked my way to Øredev! And to say thanks they made me eat Surströmming so I very quick said sorry and promised never to do it again.
On the other side of things, I live in Stavanger with my wife and son and soon to be joined by our second child. I am a foodie, love whiskey and great wine.

SvenSven Peters

My name is Sven and I'm a Technology Evangelist at Atlassian. I'm a regular speaker at conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, Jfokus, etc. My main interest these days is to motivate developer teams so they can kick ass. I guess that's why I'm reviewing the Agile & DevOps submissions at Øredev.

Besides speaking myself I'm looking for more speakers within Atlassian to send them to relevant conferences. In between I'm trying out new technologies, writing blog posts, train speakers, work on other program committees, review presentations and work on a couple of internal programming projects.

I live near Hamburg, Germany and work mostly remote.

AndreasAndreas Hammar

My name is Andreas Hammar, started my career as a software dev at a biotech startup doing software for image processing of protein images, we hung in there for 9 years, after that took on life as a consultant.

I got a big interest in all things tech, and my work life has been in the Microsoft/.NET world. Databases, WCF services, ASP.NET, WPF was my early years - recently I've focused on Windows & Windows Phone apps. I've held many seminars at Jayway, and been giving app development sessions at TechDays Sweden and other conferences for the past five years.

I love physical activity and being outdoors. I've got a thing for "primal" - both food and moving around. I wear my fivefinger shoes as much as I can (and bare, they look kinda funny), but during the BUILD conference me and my friend ran across the Golden Gate bridge and I just had to do that true barefoot - concrete was soft and nice :)


MichaelMichael Bailey

Michael is a Sr Staff Engineer on the Android team responsible for American Express’ flagship consumer Android apps in the U.S. market. Development on these apps began in 2010. Since joining the company in 2008, Michael has worked on a number initiatives at American Express including analytics, enterprise content management, AmexLabs, iOS apps, international mobile applications, NFC payments, the U.S. homepage and the U.S. online card applications site. Michael holds a BS in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, where he specialized in computer security. Including the U.S. consumer apps that Michael works on, American Express has 8 Android apps in the U.S. Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=American%20Express) and more in the international Play Stores.


MarkusMarkus Eisele

Markus is a Developer Advocate at Lightbend. He has been working with enterprise Java for 16+ years, and speaks on his favorite topics surrounding enterprise-grade Java applications at conferences all over the world. He recently worked as a principal consultant for various customers on a wide range of complex Java and Java EE-based applications and solutions. In his spare time he is a prolific blogger, writer, and tech editor for various books. He is an active member of the German DOAG e.V. and it's representative on the iJUGe.V., and as a Java Champion he is a well-known member in the community.


Anders LAnders Ljusberg

My name is Anders Ljusberg (@CodingInsomnia on Twitter), and I believe my current title is Application Architect at Thomas Cook (Swedes usually know us better as Ving, Danes know us as Spies). Even though my title has changed several times over the years, I've been in pretty much the same position since 2005 - i.e. architect/lead dev on several more or less business-critical systems, always with plenty of integrations, always on the .NET platform. The past few years I've used a lot of CQRS/Event Sourcing and have done a couple of talks on that topic.

I've been an organizer for the Swedish .NET User Group (Swenug) in Stockholm for a few years, and I'm a co-founder of Swetugg (http://swetugg.se/) together with Cecilia Wirén. We had our second two-day conference a couple of weeks ago, this time with over 400 attendees and 23 sponsors!
So, what don't you know about me? Maybe that the first paid job I had was in the summer of -98 as lead developer on an "edutainment" game with the goal of teaching 6-9 year-old kids to spell. 16 years later I found a copy, installed it on a VirtualBox running Windows 98 and got to see my daughter actually enjoy playing "Helge & Leopold". Best. Feeling. Ever.


MagnusMagnus Ohlsson

My name is Magnus and I have been working with software development for over 20 years. It started out with a Pascal program but ended up with a PhD in software engineering. Most of the time I have been focused on testing and software quality both as consultant  and as manager. Today I am working at System Verification as Quality Assurance Specialist and help different organizations and companies to achieve better software quality. I also present at conferences, provide seminars and teach different classes. From my point of view collaboration and communication is one of the most important keys to be successful in software development.
When I am not at work I brew my own beer, race motorcycles, ride my snowboard, play in two bands … and sometimes there is some hours left and I can get some rest J