Passion is Contagious

Hey! It’s great to meet you.

We are Ben (Your host for the conference) and Cornelia (Process Designer) and we will be your guides on this exploration on what Øredev is about today, celebrate what it has been and start co-creating what it can be.

To frame our journey together we will use the cool facilitation tool IDOART:


To connect passionate people to co-create the future

Desired Outcomes

To activate the Øredev community through storytelling and new technologies 

To develop friendly and interactive marketing that brings people together to have meaningful conversations about “Computer Power”

For the Øredev community to take ownership of the conference to do things together that matter in the industry


We facilitate a Facebook group where we invite conversations to happen in the community (Speakers, Attendees, Organisers and Partners)

We use social media to share knowledge and to attract others into the community

We harvest the learning to co-create the future together


We inspire and facilitate. You engage (if you feel the urge) and share your wisdom. 


  • Nobody gets to be wrong (We value diversity)
  • Support each other (Lets do this together)
  • Open for everyone (Everything is Public)


NOW until the conference 7-11 Nov and beyond…

Are you excited? We are :)

How to get started:

1. Join our home Øredev: Passion is Contagious

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3. Spread the word in your network

Get in contact:

We would love to hear from you!

So please share your needs, thoughts, ideas, etc. on our home or mail us on

We are passionate about amplifying your voice and connecting you to who you need to co-create with! 

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