Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



11.20 - 12.00

AngularJS + Firebase = A match made in heaven for the lazy developer

Level: Intermediate

Building extraordinary user experience requires a database that is fast, scalable, supported by a world-class infrastructure. It needs less coding. Firebase provides just that – it is Google’s full stack NoSQL cloud platform that allows developers to build extraordinary realtime mobile and web apps.

Badi will take you on a wild ride of coding with Firebase’s JavaScript APIs to build a real-world application. Then we sprinkle AngularJS in the mix and voila – you get something really special called the “Three-Way Binding” and a lot less code. You will get to see how this is a whole lot better than the two-way binding AngularJS provides. We will then explore a few more features of Firebase—user authentication in particular. You will see me live coding a single JavaScript function to authenticate users of our app on social platforms like Facebook.

I can assure you this - you will leave this talk itching to try this blissful combination out on your current and future projects!


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