Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



11.20 - 12.00

ChatOps: How to Enhance Your DevOps Workflow

Level: Intermediate

Have you been told that your company is moving to a more DevOps development culture, but you have no idea what that really means? Everyone wants to run a more productive and agile engineering team by balancing the competing priorities of rapid releases and stable systems. DevOps is a movement that everyone is either wishing they had, talking about setting up, or getting ready to implement. But how does your company chat client fit into this and how can it help speed things up?

In this talk we'll look at ChatOps and how it can bring GitHub and many core DevOps tools and philosophies to developers' fingertips for everyone's benefit. We'll also see what other tools can plug into a chat client to optimize development workflows, and what immediate results we can expect to see as we start implementing integrations. By the end of this session, we will have outlined clear steps to ship code faster and safer today.


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