Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



17.00 - 17.40

Finally, git made simple

Level: Intermediate

No matter what is your level of experience with git, you would not want to miss this session!

Having used git almost exclusively since 2008, and helping with git adoptions with many teams in startups and in mega tech corporations, I know how transitioning to git from more traditional source control systems (or using it as the first one) can sometimes be intimidating. Sometimes developers who have been using it for a while find themselves still afraid to do much with it because they cannot wrap their mind around it.

I came up with a simple set of analogies, methods, tricks and workflows, that can make the vast majority of the daily routine with git, simple, understandable, and enjoyable.

And if you end up not learning much, simply reset --hard and clean -xdf :)

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