Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



12.20 - 13.00

From hard science to baseless opinions: where did we go wrong?

Level: Beginner

From the mathematicians and scientists of the 20th centuries to today's ninja craftsmen/craftswomen, Software community has lost something along the way. Instead of carefully observing scientific methods and maintaining objectivity, we have tangled ourselves in web of hype and celebrity culture - as if adopting today's YOLO motto.

This talk is a critique of the status quo. In the effort to find the origins of this shift, we will survey the trends and countertrends of contemporary art and culture only to find out that we are the true children of our time.

At the end, we discuss solutions and example of injecting objectivity into our everyday decisions. Expect both technical and non-technical content hence if technology is your only focus, not a talk for you. But if you enjoy sociology, culture and lateral thinking - here is the red pill for you...


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