Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



08.30 - 17.00

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core

Level: Deep Dive

ASP.NET Core is a ground-up redesign of ASP.NET, designed for building modern, cloud-based, client-rich web applications. ASP.NET Core MVC extends the redesign by combining ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API into an all new web application framework. We'll see what's new in ASP.NET Core, how it differs from the previous frameworks, and what new capabilities it adds.

In this hands-on lab, we'll cover:

- Installation and setup

- Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC

- Controllers deep dive

- Views deep dive, including tag helpers

- Models with Entity Framework and AutoMapper

- Configuration, startup, services and middleware

- Client-side development with npm, Bower

- Publishing and deployment

Along the way, you'll build a full, complete, production-ready application using ASP.NET Core. Bring your laptops!


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