Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



13.20 - 14.00

How lean and kanban saved a hospital in Indonesia. Twice!

Level: Beginner

The last 2 years of my life I have worked with hospitals in Indonesia. That's pretty strange territory for an IT-consultant and I was worried how my experiences with kanban, lean and agile could be used in this setting. Would it be applicable and useful?

Through the unfortunate opportunity of a disaster (the roof of a hospital fell in) I soon got chance to flex all of my knowledge to save the hospital.

In this talk I will describe how the basic ideas, principles and techniques of Kanban, Lean and Agile helped us to save a hospital from bankruptcy. Twice.

In just 1,5 years the hospital kanban and lean principles guides us from being virtually bankrupt to not only making money everyday on average, but also adopted a hypothesis driven business management.

Using these principles and ideas in a total different setting I gained a much deeper understanding of them, and also needed to find other ways to describe and apply the practices I've taken for granted in "our" culture and setting.


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