Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



18.00 - 18.40

I sketch therefore I think

Level: Beginner

Take a break from all the deep dive coding sessions and enter the world of design research for a moment.

Sketching and prototyping is about getting the right design, and getting the design right. Traditional analogue tools such as pen and paper go a long way, but perhaps not all the way when we want to sketch and prototype to explore new and unfamiliar design situations.

Sketching is, however, not just about drawing, and definitely not an activity only for artists and designers. It is a thinking process that happens through the process of making. I will share some progress on two ongoing research projects that aim to enabling sketching for new design situations, where everything is not familiar and definitely not static. One project deals with the challenge creatives face when they try to design for a 360 degree space, and the other projects tries to support air traffic controllers who "design" the flows of aircrafts.


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