Developer conference  7-11 November  Malm÷ Sweden



10.20 - 11.00

Living on the Edge (Service): Bundling Microservices to Optimize Consumption for Devices with Spring Cloud & Netflix OSS

Level: Intermediate

Devices (phones, tablets, etc.) already consume most services/data, but they have to get those services somewhere! In this session, learn how to use proven patterns & open source software to quickly and effectively build edge services - API gateways - that marshal & streamline communication between your key services and end-users with devices in hand. This session addresses vital points such as:

* Leveraging OAuth2 for service security

* Configuration services

* Microservice registration and discovery

* Circuit breakers for graceful degradation

Additional topics discussed include logging & tracing, testing approaches, and migration patterns.

The presenter will demonstrate how to develop & manage microservices & expose them via an edge service, securely, using OSS tools employed by Netflix to keep movies streaming globally 24x7.


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