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18.00 - 18.40

Managing Risk In Agile Isn’t Magic

Level: Intermediate

Has the adoption of Agile techniques magically erased risk from software projects? Or more frighteningly, by changing the project environment through adopting Agile techniques, might we trick ourselves into thinking that risk has been abolished when it really still exists?

Risk is defined as “any uncertain event that can have an impact on the success of a project.” Risk mitigation, on the other hand, is about predicting the future. Does using Agile change our need to predict the future? I think not. With Agile the difference is our time horizon may be as short as one to two weeks and incorporate both development and testing, so our need to predict risks (and the future) will be different, but does not change overall. What does change is how we approach the topic.

The final punchline is that Agile risk management actually improves project performance. Projects and programs are comparatively faster, cheaper, better and make people feel better but risk has not been erased.


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