Developer conference  7-11 November  Malmö Sweden



08.30 - 17.00

Pragmatic Microservices with Java EE and WildFly Swarm

Level: Beginner

Microservices have become the new kid of the buzzword block in our ever colorful industry. In this hands-on workshop we will explore what microservices really mean within the relatively well established context of distributed computing/SOA, when they make sense and how to develop them using the lightweight, simple, productive Java EE programming model.

We will explore microservices step-by-step using a simple but representative example.

* We will start with a vanilla Java EE monolithic application.

* We will break down the application into sensible Java EE based microservices.

* We will then apply concepts such as fat-jars, dynamic discovery, client-side fault-tolerance and circuit-breakers to our microservices using WildFly Swarm.

* If time permits we will deploy our microservices to AWS using Docker.

Focal points for the workshop will be explaining basic concepts, exploring tradeoffs, open-ended discussion as well as hands-on coding.


* JDK 8 or higher.

* WildFly 10 or higher - please make sure to use the full Java EE 7 version.

* NetBeans 8 or higher (NetBeans 8.1 recommended) - please make sure to use the Java EE edition of NetBeans.


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