More than knowledge!

In addition to all the sessions at the conference, numerous other activities are happening to engage the body as well as the mind. Quality food, quality music and quality coffee, quality quality quality!

Monday 4th: Kallbadhuset sauna, swim, dinner


The best way we know how to break the ice and kick off the conference?

By plunging naked into the frosty Baltic and then warming back up in the sauna while enjoying a truly magnificent sunset view. It awakens the senses and quiets the mind. Follow this by dinner in a charming restaurant floating on the sea.


Wednesday 6th: Demoscene evening, go deep down the nerdiness with GOTO80

Goto80Goto80 makes music, art and texts that involves either lo-fi technologies, craftmanship, or machine politics. Since 1992 he has developed his own musical mix of absurdities, meticulous compositions and uncompromising attitude. He is just as likely to perform as a salad man on childrens TV, as making über-serious C64 live improvisations in art galleries.

From 19.00 to 20.00: Live C64-music. Look and listen while Goto80 makes music from scratch, right infront of you. It will be low-key C64-ambience to enchance the eating experience

After 20.00: Goto80 presents his favourite aspects of the 8-bit demoscene. He talks about the culture and politics of the scene, and shows work that connect to modern computer art.

For the ones who do know know and want to know more about the demoscene, you can watch Moleman2: The Art of the Algorthms.

Hans Karlsson had the good idea to make an awesome demo featuring Øredev. Thank you Hans!


Wednesday 6th An evening of Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps!

On the Wednesday evening of the conference (6th Nov), alongside the other activities there will also be very informal Windows 8 and Windows Phone app "workshop".

If you have any questions about Windows 8 or Windows Phone app development, or maybe you have an app that you're having some problems with or if you simply want to come and hang out with some like minded people and maybe write some code while you're at it, this is for you!

Among others, modern UI extraordinaire Atley Hunter, Windows Phone guru Michael Crump and some of the fine folks from the Coding After Work usergroup, will be there during the evening to help with any app questions you might have.

The "workshop" will be held in the "DUNE" room and will start around 19:00. Please note that this is about the same time as "dinner" will be served, so to avoid missing out on the food please feel free to grab some food and drinks and bring it along.

The .NET Rocks on Øredev stage!

.NET ROcksRichard Campbell and Carl Franklin will interview your favourite speakers! Take a pause and chill in a bean bag listening to their show! Follow them in the evening for Whiskey testing.

Their interviews program will be soon in the schedule.



Thursday 7th: Late evening keynote with Randall Munroe creator of XKCD


Randall Munroe is the creator of the webcomic “xkcd” and author of the science blog "What If". He grew up in southern Virginia, where he worked at NASA building robots and 3D displays. In 2006, he left NASA to draw comics for a living. He enjoys charts, research papers, long and grueling walks on the beach, mindlessly refreshing news websites, exploring Google Maps, and training computers to beat humans at Rock-Paper-Scissors. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Check Randall's website:


Thursday 7th: Place yourself near the scene and you will be taken away.

Gordon Trio

Joel Fabiansson, Måns Wikenmo and Donovan von Martens of Trio Gordon make up a unique unit in European jazz.Music that takes you to widely different moods and places. The three members of Trio Gordon will surprise you what is possible with such small means as drums, bass and a guitar superbly handled.



Everyday Øredev Cafe


Seriously, is how Swedes take their coffee. And that’s why you will be able to satiate your taste buds with the most exquisite and fully traceable coffee on offer in our dedicated lounge and café. And as is the Øredev way, prepared by some of the most skilled and passionate baristas in the industry, Mattias from Sandby Kafferosteri. Santé!