2013, year of The Arts

The theme for Øredev 2013 - The Arts - may be very provocative. We hope so.

Art is a powerful vehicle for communication, a way to express visions that are beyond words. It plays an essential role in exploring the emotional dimensions of our lives and challenges the way we think about the world and the future. Art by essence fosters creativity  and provocation,  develops innovation and beauty.

Few media of creation are so flexible and so capable of making grand ideas a concrete reality as software. As programmers, we often see ourselves as craftsmen or as scientists. But if we say that we are artists - what will change? What different angles to explore and question for our field will we find? Is it possible to elevate our day-to-day work by seeing it as an art form? This is what we will explore at Øredev 2013.

We invite developers, testers, and project managers to reflect on the art of our programming processes, languages, tools, and platforms. Like Art, our sessions and keynotes will be creative, provocative, and innovative.

Artistic Keynote Series

Every year we offer you a keynote series directly inspired by the theme.This year, Matthew McCullough, Denise Jacobs and Randall Munroe will speak their minds about the Arts.