Thursday 14.10-15.00

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This LT session is about 3D-graphics. Gaming and visualisations. Three speakers with three different views.

This talk will highlight some of the technologies used in the Snowdrop engine for the next generation of consoles (PS4, Xbox ONE). Game Artists have never had this much power available but it can easily become harder to develop than ever before. With a new generation, there needs to be a shift in the way we work with and think about Technology.

The VJ is The New DJ: Introducing Z Vector

The presentation will showcase Z Vector (, a TechCrunch featured, new type of real-time VJ and music visualization software specifically made for depth sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect and the PrimeSense Carmine.

In development for 1.5 years prior to release in to an open beta phase (July 2013), Z Vector has already been used for live visual backdrops at major events such as the 55th Venice Biennale, Mobile World Congress 2013, South by Southwest 2013, Live Performers Meeting 2013, Eurosonic 2013, MLOVE 2013 and Flow Festival 2012. Real-time visuals from the software will also be seen on the big screen at Assembly 2013.

The basic functionality of the software will be covered ("virtual camera tracking", stereoscopic rendering, GLSL shaders etc.). Tuomisto will also offer insight in to the technology and design guidelines related to producing software for modern consumer level depth cameras like the Microsoft Kinect.

Using modern game techniques to advance the look in classical game designs.