Thursday 11.10-12.00

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This is a true story. It’s a story about a test manager (me) neglecting to ask appropriate questions, not because of lack of experience but because of intimidation. 
I was intimidated by hip, slick developers half my age who appeared to have it all figured out.
I failed to ask why user stories were being badly written and out of date. I failed to ask why stand ups were not being held. I failed to ask why bugs were not being fixed. 
I failed...well you get the picture.
This case study will be a springboard into a talk and then discussion on some ways we 'kill curiosity' within our teams. I will share some ‘Lessons Learned’ from the case study. Using my experience with test team transformation I’ll offer some pointers on how to create teams that encourage testers to question without compromising on project deadlines and goals.