Tuesday 08.30-17.00

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OK, you’d like to have some automated tests for your software. You may even already have some. This workshop will cover various practices to help you design and implement more useful, effective, reliable and maintainable automated tests.

These practices will include:
• Test Automation Design Patterns
• Using current test automation frameworks; and extending them to create more readable and succinct tests
• Approaches to write tests before, during and after writing the code you want to test
• Ways to make your app easier to test
• Ways to get started based on your context

Come to this workshop if you’d like to discover ways to accelerate your competence in creating valuable, useful, effective and efficient automated tests.
If you can read and write software you’ll fit right in; I hope the material will also help other people, including managers and testers who are keen to understand the practical aspects of automated tests.