Thursday 18.00-18.50

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Of all the strange new JVM languages, Clojure, with its roots in the alien world of Lisp, may well be the strangest. It is also, its proponents insist, by far the most powerful. They'll show you weird and incomprehensible proofs of this—macros, lazy lists, monads, what have you—that may well send academics into orgies of rapturous debate, but the question always remains: "does this have any real world application at all, or are you all just geeking out on us?"

Let's find out! In this presentation, we'll build a simple web application from scratch, live on stage, using Clojure server side and its compile-to-Javascript counterpart ClojureScript client side. You'll see how Clojure's strong focus on the REPL helps improve your workflow, and how the conciseness of a truly high level language can actually let us write a whole web app in less than an hour.