Friday 11.10-12.00

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SOA, service­oriented architectures, burst on the scene in the new millennium as the latest
technology to support application growth. In concert with the Web, SOA ushered in new
paradigms for structuring enterprise applications. At the Forward Internet Group in London, SOA
was implemented in an unusual way. Rather than a few, business­related services being
implemented per the original vision, we have developed systems made of myriads of very small,
usually short­lived services. We have now moved to another company, MailOnline, the online
version of the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK. And we are once again developing
In this talk we will address:
● Determining the boundaries for services (how little is micro?)
● Tolerating cut­copy­paste development
● Coupling of services through RESTful interfaces, JSON packets, and pub/sub buses
● Monitoring a myriad of interacting services that are constantly changing
● Managing multiple active versions
In addition, we will address several factors that can lead to project failure.